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children clothing brand

Although she doesn’t go by “Pirronis” anymore, Creative Director Ximena Herrera still loves her childhood nickname. Today, it denotes her children’s clothing brand, and the title carries the same love and affection as it did when her mother gave it to her. The Mexican designer still has a cheerful and fearless outlook, which she pours into Pirronis’ fun, fashion-forward collections of high-quality products for kids and babies.

children clothing brand

Children’s Clothing Brand Pirronis launched its first collection in 2016, and each year its style has become edgier, combining playful silhouettes and colors that reflect the carefree and adventurous spirit that comes with being a kid.

Based on the principles of integrity and social responsibility, the company tenderly cares for each item from start to finish. Pirronis takes pride in delivering quality, comfort, and of course, fun! Enjoying and appreciating life are hallmarks of childhood; this is what Pirronis is all about.