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Pirronis Kingdom

Our Story

Once Upon a Time, in a far away land, there lived a little girl by the name of Ximena. Everyone in the Kingdom knew her as Pirronis, a loving nickname given to her by her mother when she was born. As Ximena grew older she discovered that the nickname, a reminder of her mother’s love, would also be a source for inspiration in the future.

Growing up in her Kingdom called Ciudad Juárez, Pirronis loved to dance, paint, and create things with her own hands. She loved traveling sooo much that one day she decided to explore a magical land called New York. It was in this concrete jungle full of dreamers, where she envisioned a brand that would merge the magic of New York with the love for her Kingdom. Every single piece of clothing would be made with careful devotion, just as her mother always loved and care for her. With this idea in her heart Ximena established “Pirronis,” a Label that represents fun and comfortable clothing for babies and children.

Pirronis loved her Kingdom Ciudad Juárez and its hard working citizens. Exceptionally proud of her clothing line which showcases the Kingdom’s passionate and talented people, she decided to open her very own Atelier. One day she thought, “How can I help everyone identify my fun and comfy clothes?”, so then Pirronis decided that she needed a symbol that would represent and unite every child that wore her clothes.

Since she loved to eat fruits, she decided that the Pitaya would represent her brand. The Pitaya is a bright pink fruit filled with a white jelly and the tiniest of tiny black seeds. Because of the rich bold color on the outside and the pure neutral tones on the inside, Pirronis thought to herself, “The Pitaya, like my clothing line is bold, yet simple; daring, yet fun”. So she declared, “This shall be the emblem I choose!” And the realm cheered when they heard the news.

Now, Pirronis lives happily every after, eating Pitayas and traveling to far away lands searching for the best of fabrics for her little clients. Today every child who wears her clothes shall be a “Pirronis”. They sure know how to enjoy the spunky fun clothes she creates!!